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in a little bit closer where this containment zone is. if you live near marigold drive and north texas street, this is where this has been happening, while they have controlled the fire, those embers are still potentially, could be lifted up into the atmosphere, maybe a half-mile, maybe a mile away with that wind coming out of the west, southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so if you live on mayor gold drive, anywhere near north texas street and mare gold drive, possibly dickinson hill road or americana way, that's where you need to be very vigilant about your house and possibly some embers coming your way. i do not want to alarm people too much, but it is a potential. that's how these other houses caught on fire, again, by these embers flaying from home to home. so if you are anywhere off to the north of marigold drive, within a mile radius, that's where you should still advise some caution until this is entirely out. you can see some hotspots, and while we don't have the flames shooting 20 feet into the atmosphere, it is still a concern. so we are watching the weather. and any one in this ar
to slip to second place in the al west. one game behind the texas rangers. well that's not going to stand in oaktown. top of the sixth, tied at 1-1, brandon months says i'm boss right now. sends that 400 plus feet. a's go up 3-1 in the game. tied again at 3 in the eighth inning. the a's doubles to left field, two more runs come in, a's take a 5-3 lead. go on to win 6-4 is your final. >> you know, just trying to get a good hit and, you know, was two outs and, you know, finally i get a hit. just trying to help the team and, you know, trying to do my job, and i'm going to be, you know, any time they need me i'm going to be there. >> over to the world series champions who are looking for respect, the place giants take on the orioles. bottom of the first 1-0 g-man hunter pence doubles off the wall to the right and up 2-0. they were not comfortable in that position. top of the 7 down 2-1 were the orioles they come swinging. j.j. hardy with good times homers to left two runs shot orioles up 3-2. go on to win 10-2. they scored seven runs in the last two innings. >> i pitched to robertson in the s
winning four straight, texas is now just three and a half games back with three games against oakland, setting the stage for some very competitive baseball this weekend at the colise coliseum. >> we're trying to win every game possible. it's nice that the texas rangers come in and give us extra motivation. always nice to play another team in our division. they're chasing us, you know. so they're going to have to, you know, bring their a game and so are we. >> i wouldn't disagree with that. i mean, there's two months' baseball yet to be played. so i think any series, once you get into august and especially when you're playing your division rival in close proximity in the standings, it always takes on a little bit more importance. but you'll be saying that the next time we play them and probably every series leading up. but i think it makes for good fun you know that we have them here on a weekend right now. they're playing completely opposite they were playing a week ago. i mean they get three walk offs in a row and a good game out of darvish yesterday. so they're playing pretty good r
and kidnapping a teenage girl. authorities in oregon and washington as well as texas and canada, have been warned that james dimaggio may be heading their way. meanwhile investigators say he may have switched vehicles leaving his blue nissan versa rigged with explosives. now the focus on hannah anderson. the bodies of her mother and 8-year-old boy likely identified as her brother were found at di m maj -- dimaggio's home. some believe dimaggio's infatuation with hannah, the 16-year-old may keep her alive. >> jim is sick enough in the head, he has so much love for her he won't hurt her. >> i have high hopes she is okay and out there some where. >> police say they have no confirmed sightings of the two. dimaggio is an avid outdoorsman. campers and hikers are urged to be on the lookout. >> firefighters gaining ground on a wildfire in riverside county. the silver fire has burned more than 11,000 acres since it started one day ago. 1,000 firefighters fighting the blaze. residents are using garden hoses to help in the fight. as many as 30 homes have been damaged or destroyed. four firefighters suffered
announcement from the california republican party. texas governor rick perry will highlight the convention. he is a frequent visitor here and has tried to convince california businesses to relocate to texas where taxes are significantly lower. the california republican convention is in october. >>> now to a followup, the high speed rail is a go. that's according to governor brown. he says the project will not be stopped by a judge's ruling friday which said that it failed to comply with is provisions in a voter approved initiative back in 2008. they are expected to resume construction in the central valley this year. the judge asked for more time and more information from both sides of the project before taking up the matter again. >>> hacked for his own good. that's what a palestinian researcher briefs that he did when he posted a message on mark zuckerberg's page. he says the site's security team did not take his warnings seriously. he discovered a security hole, the warnings were unclear amid the hundreds of daily reports it receives. and because he violated facebook's terms of service, he
in the shooting death of trayvon martin. he told the officer in texas, he had a gun in the glove box and that he was going, quote, nowhere in particular. he was released with a warning after being instructed to slow down. >>> a partial victory for o.j. simpson today. a parole board granted him parole but he's staying behind bars. he faces at least four more years behind bars. in 2008, simpson convicted of kidnapping, robbery, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon for trying to steal sports memorabilia that he says belonged to him. he's el officiigible for anothe hearing. >>> it's getting stirred up out there, guys. locked in that fog for days now. finally some sunshine here in san francisco. we'll talk about a sunnier weekend forecast that i know you're going to love, coming up. >>> a battle brewing in california over medical malpractice paper proposed ballot measure would raise the amount of money a victim could receive for emotional injury for more than $1 million. >> critics argue raising the cap could cost consumer billions of dollars. sam brock looks at claims and separates facts from fict
believe he may be headed to texas or canada in a blue nissan versa, with california license places. 6 wcu 986. >> did you get the text message late last night? it surprised a lot of people and could be more common in years to come. the text alert about the two missing children. how does it work and who is behind it. we have answers. chris? >> hi there, well it took us getting used to get used to the flashing signs of the amber alert over our freeway commutes but they come when we are wide awake. the alerts that came over the cell phones, came when many were in bed or not yet up for the day. >> it was a weird noise, cite caught my attention. it was asked that all new wireless phones and smartphones able to get the information from the government's agencies and the president's office. not a lot of people realized it until last night when the sheriff's department requested the amber alert be shared statewide. >> my phone went off last night. yeah, it caught me by surprise. >> this officer said that the cph that manages the amber alerts on highway signs is get agolate of questions. he -- gett
is a game and a half behind the texas rangers in the american league west standings. and perhaps their biggest problem is scoring runs. for more on that, let's take you out to the coliseum where we find kate long worth. >> reporter: this season they've had some highs, but since the all-star break there's been a lot of lows. the a's cannot sit back. they have to find a way to make things happen. but there's a fine line between making things happen and forcing them to happen. and so the a's approach this series with cleveland with a new game plan in mind. >> in baseball for some reason, it's one of those games where the harder you try the less you do. you just have to go out there and trust your ability, i think, and just let the game happen, play it hard. play it the right way. do things the right way and make sure you stay focused. stay on tomorrow of things. but the whole try harder thing is not always a good way to go. >> you have to focus on having a quality effect. not necessarily i have to have a big hit. as soon as you start saying i have to, it's going to mean trouble. >>
care of your teeth could increase your risk for oral hpv. the university of texas researchers looked at health survey responses from 3,000 adults. they found those who said they had poor oral health had a more than 50% increase risk for oral hpv infection. the virus increases the rick for oral cancer and warts in the mouth. smokers and people with multiple partners had the highest risk for hpv infection. >>> we all get them and we hate them. stretch marks. they are using genetic testing to find out if people are prone to get them. >> reporter: 23 and me is getting lots of attention for its dna kits where you provide a saliva sample and learn about your personal genetic profile. the company's latest study, to find out if some people are more genetically predisposed to getting stretch marks. >> genetics are kind of the first step. >> reporter: joyce is 23 and me's director of research. she authors the study and sat down with me to explain the stretching, which many of us men and women can get. >> a lot of people get stretch marks during puberty, during periods of extreme growth. it's a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9